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Body percussion, STOMP and accessible music-making – Ollie Tunmer, Beat Goes On – Music Education Works

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Music for Education & Wellbeing podcast

In this new podcast, Anita Holford, co-editor of Music Education Works, is talking with Ollie Tunmer of Beat Goes On. Ollie teaches STOMP-style body percussion and samba drumming to all ages, and his sessions recently moved online during lockdown.

We talk about:

  • how Ollie auditioned for Stomp as a teenager – which was where he discovered a passion for body percussion – but only later was successful in joining their ranks
  • his local connections in Brighton: how his parents taught music in the area; he learned piano and drums through the music service; and ended up teaching with his own teachers
  • the inclusive nature of body percussion and samba as a form of community music
  • its use in primary and secondary schools, including in literacy
  • adapting to the pandemic and moving workshops online
  • the importance of bringing students’ and teachers’ own musical interests into sessions

You can access the podcast via a blog on our main website –

PODCAST [21] Body percussion, STOMP and accessible music-making – with Ollie Tunmer, Beat Goes On

or on iTunes or Spotify (search for Music for Education & Wellbeing).

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