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MusicEdNews.Com Repaired -More Feeds Added!

After a few days of serious server-side issues here, is back and running!  The problem started after a number of my related-sites were transferred from an older server to a newer, higher-end server.  Despite my best efforts to repair the issues, the MusicEdNews site kept creating errors that were culminating in gigabytes of server log errors...  The final solution?  "Axe it" and start over...

This site is now functioning at "full power" and I've added a number of new and exciting feeds to it.   The PO-EM project still needs to be updated to include these sites, there are still a number of favicons that need to be updated, and I still need to update a number of RSS aggregators as well...  I'm hoping to finish these remaining tasks in the next one to two weeks.   There will be a post when all of this is accomplished...

In brief, here is a list of the new sites added to the MusicEdNews.Com online RSS aggregator:

In addition, two sites were updated to reflect new Web Locations:

Finally, I added MusTech.Net's super cool Music Education Twitter Widget to the footer-middle column (check it out -scroll down!).


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