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Greetings, all! Welcome once again to, which brings you "Fresh Music News, All the Time, Any Time!" I'm extremely excited to be a part of this project, and can't wait to see what wonderful ideas come out of this easy access to information. You can always check up on what's new here at the site by visiting the blog (be sure to subscribe to the RSS feed in your favorite feed reader to get updates quickly and easily!).

One of the reasons we thought this would be a worthwhile venture is the increased amount of sharing that has gone on around the internet recently. With the advent of Web 2.0 and Social Networking technologies, sharing and spreading information is now easier than ever, and we hope MusicEdNews can help even more in this regard. We have both been active users of the social networking tool Twitter, and have seen first-hand the opportunities for idea sharing and discussion that Twitter facilitates (you can follow Dr. Pisano at @pisanojm and me at @Zweibz7). We are proud to announce that now has a corresponding Twitter account, @MusicEdNews, which will post links to new entries in each of our feeds!

If Twitter is your place for keeping up on the latest news, then MusicEdNews is a must-follow account!

In addition to getting links to the latest news from the feeds we follow, you can also connect with the authors of this content through our account! Any posts created by writers with a Twitter username will have that username included in the Tweet that points you to their new article. This way, not only can you read their great new content, but you can also connect with them to share additional thoughts or hear what else they have to say.

It is our hope that updates from @MusicEdNews will help fulfill the primary goal we set out to accomplish: bringing you "Fresh Music News, All the Time, Any Time!"...

Follow @MusicEdNews on Twitter today!

Want more information on Twitter? Read Dr. Pisano's explanation of Twitter and check out the Music Education chat (#MusEdChat) that we co-moderate!

~Andrew Zweibel

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