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Neuroscience reveals how rhythm helps us walk, talk — and even love – Music Education Works

By Dr. J. Pisano , in Music Education Research , at December 17, 2020 Tags:

Image from Pixabay, reproduced under Creative Commons CC0.

An episode of the ‘Ideas’ podcast explores how important rhythm is to our lives. It begins in the womb and the heartbeat: and recent findings in neuroscience reveal that for the rest of our lives, rhythm will continue to have a fundamental impact on our ability to walk, talk — and even love.

The episode features world-renowned neuroscientist, Daniel Levitin (who was previously an accomplished record producer working with artists such as Carlos Santana, Blue Oyster Cult, Joni Mitchell, Stevie Wonder); Lois Butcher Poffley, a professor of kinesiology at Temple University, and a sports psychologist with a specialty in rhythm training; Jessica Grahn, associate professor at the Brain and Mind Institute, at Western University in London, Ontario;  John Iversen, research scientist at the Institute for Neural Computation, at UC San Diego; Dr Nina Kraus, professor of neuroscience at Northwestern University and Laurel Trainor, professor of psychology, neuroscience and behaviour at McMaster University who directs the McMaster Institute for Music & the Mind.



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