Friday, May 15, 2020
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Assessing Creating with Distance Learning

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This entire week, I’ve been writing about assessing with distance learning, from assessing musical literacy to assessing musical response. In today’s blog post, I’m writing about assessing creating with distance learning.

A few notes about assessment and creating. First, it was my hope with this blog series to help out those of you who have to assess and give grades in this distance learning situation. I have heard from some of you that you are not allowed to assess or give grades during this time, but I still feel like this information could be helpful. If you look at these as formative assessment ideas, then you could simply use the activities I’ve outlined to gauge student understanding, instead of to give a grade.

Now about creating…even in a “typical” situation, I’ve struggled with how exactly to assess creativity, because it’s such a subjective thing. At times, I’ve just assessed whether or not students completed a project or activity, so it’s like a pass/ fail grade, and in some instances, I’ve had more detailed guidelines, or rubrics, to assess. As I’m giving ideas, I’ll outline where guidelines, or a rubric, would work well.

And one more note: I’ve detailed several different activities and platforms in each of these blog posts, but use what works for you. I would really love to use SeeSaw, but because my students are not already set up with SeeSaw, I’d have to send home individual emails to every single parent and have them sign in with a code in order for students to use it, so I’ve decided to use a combination of Schoology, Peardeck, and Google Slides—all platforms that my students already have access to. However, I will offer ideas for several platforms, so you can choose what works for you and your school population!

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